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Accounting Ireland
Magazine focusing on accountancy matters, business and management subjects, information technology, taxation, general news, leisure and lifestyles, and more.

Advertising Age
Advertising Age looks and reads like a daily newspaper. However, its glossy sheen reveals it as a weekly trade tabloid to be reckoned with. Published by media giant Crain Communications, Advertising Age chronicles the feverish activities of ad agencies and marketing firms from Madison Avenue to Toledo, Ohio, and far beyond. In fact, what sets Advertising Age apart from rival publications is its consistent focus on international marketing. One recent feature story plumbed the depths of Argentina's economic crisis and its affect on ad spending. (The article in turn led to a sidebar discussion of the possibility of foreign ownership of Brazilian media companies.) Few major announcements or market trends escape the front-of-the-book news section, and a section called "The Week" reports on the absolute timeliest issues. "The Buzz" reads a bit like a gossip column, and "People & Players" details in words and large photos the goings-on of major industry personalities. But the real meat of Advertising Age is its Viewpoint section, where staff experts and readers sound off on controversial issues vital to one of America's most enduring and exciting pursuits--completing the sale.

Adweek Magazine features inside stories on creativity, client/agency relationships and successful global advertising strategies and delivers national, global and important local advertising news.

Barron's is edited to contain in-depth analysis of how the capital markets impact on the future of business and government. Articles point out industrial developments and investment opportunities affecting the business person, the money manager, the investor, the advocate, and the consumer. Each issue contains corporate evaluations, financial columns, and a complete listing of economic indicators and market results.

Business Opportunities Handbook
Business Opportunities Handbook contains information on over 2,500 business opportunities and franchises available. This publication lists businesses with investment requirements from $100 to $1 million and features success stories and helpful articles for persons who want to be their own boss.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek is the indispensable global resource for business leaders worldwide who rely on us to move their businesses, careers and investments forward.We filter the noise and give professionals timely access to the information they need to make smarter decisions.Through trusted content and intelligent context, our forward perspective and useful insights inspire our audience to turn ideas into action. For a deeper understanding of the trends that drive growth, how technology creates opportunities, and what best practices keep them ahead of the competition, leaders of today and tomorrow turn to Bloomberg Businessweek for information and inspiration they can't get anywhere else.

Christian Retailing
Christian Retailing - If you or your company supply services or products to the Christian retailing industries, this magazine is a must-read. The latest industry news and trends make it the journal of record for this growing business sector.

Columbia Journalism Review
Columbia Journalism Review - The watchdog for the watchdogs, the Columbia Journalism Review is the top industry magazine about the integrity and craft of professional journalism. First-rate writing from both academic scholars and members of the media, CJR provides fascinating insight into technical and ethical questions that face the ever-changing world of journalism.

Consumer Reports Money Advisor
Consumer Reports Money Advisor - 100% unbiased monthly financial newsletter. (No advertising, No commercial ties) Easy-to-read articles, tips and strategies to help you maximize your returns and make your personal financial decisions with confidence.
The Economist
The Economist - The weekly news and business publication written expressly for top business decision-makers and opinion leaders. Each issue explores the links between domestic and international issues, business, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts.

Editor & Publisher Magazine
Editor & Publisher Magazine is the news magazine of the newspaper industry covering all facets of the business.

Entrepreneur - Learn about innovative ways to improve your business operations. Get tips on how to boost your business profits. From partnerships to independent start-ups, Entrepreneur is for you if you're a small business owner seeking to expand your business. This magazine includes articles on how to run a business, the psychological aspects of heading up your own company, profiles of stellar entrepreneurs and trends that affect small business.
Family Business
Family Business - The only magazine written exclusively for the owners and managers of family companies. Published since 1989. Focuses on the tough issues virtually all business families must face: succession planning, business strategy, wealth preservation, estate and tax planning.

Fast Company
Fast Company - Catch up with the groundbreaking pacesetters and innovative ideas that make the business world take off. Learn what makes businesses succeed. Find out how the best are thriving and how you can too. Fast Company is not your average conservative business magazine û it's business with an edge.

Known for its global perspective, the Financial Times provides the insight and analysis into business, politics, and the markets that keeps you ahead of the curve. Available to new subscribers in the continental U.S. only.

Forbes - Top business and finance executives regularly turn to Forbes, the premier magazine of the business world. This magazine offers in-depth analysis and coverage of issues, trends and people that set the world's business agenda.

Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy explores the issues, people and agendas that shape the political world. These pages bring you unsurpassed depth and political insights on global trends in economy and security issues. You can check out reviews of important books not published in English. Leading foreign journalists from around the world share their insights and expertise. Foreign Policy is a hit with policymakers, business leaders and scholars.

Fortune gets you inside. Filled with expert advice on winning in business and investing, every issue brings you closer to success. Offering practical strategies and direction, Fortune is a must-have to maximize results.

Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review offers readers original research and firsthand perspectives from leading business thinkers around the world. A journal of management written by the best business educators and practicing managers,HBR is renowned for its articles on topics of national and international significance. Focused on the issues confronting top managers in today s complex environment, Harvard Business Review applies the best research and practice to the strategic challenges and operating problems of the day.

HCM Sales, Marketing and Alliance Excellence Essentials
helping your HCM, Sales and Marketing departments improve relationships and performance. This publication is distributed to over 16,000 members and shared to our social network with a reach of over 17,000 people interested in HCM, Sales, Marketing and Service
Home Business Magazine
Home Business Magazine covers every angle of the growing and dynamic $425 billion home-based business market. Includes cutting edge editorial by well-known authorities on sales & marketing, business operations, raising business opportunities, network marketing, and mail order. Help your home business thrive!

Inc. is the only major business magazine edited exclusively to guide CEOs and owners of small-to-midsize companies to success. Inc. provides fresh, insightful analyses to give the major players in the business world the tools they need to excel. Each issue uses real life examples of strategies, case studies, and successes and failures edited specifically to illuminate new ways in which its readers can benefit. Big and small organizations alike turn to Inc. to make sense of ever-changing business world. The pages of Inc.are printed on 100% recycled paper. Inc. is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and makes sustainability a part of its core mission.
Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor. Covers all phases of internal auditing, from ethics and standards to specific techniques. Explores risks, internal control, informative systems, other operational audits and cost-saving case studies.
Investors Business Daily
Investors Business Daily - Newspaper covering companies, industries, potentially successful stocks, and developments in the economy, as well as providing analysis of national news stories.
Kiplinger's Personal Finance
Kiplinger's Personal Finance - Founded in 1947, this first magazine in the personal-finance field offers down-to-earth help to better manage your personal and family financial affairs, and get more for your money. You get practical advice and guidance on saving, investing, taxes, major purchases and much more.

Money offers a wide range of investment and money-management advice through articles, interviews, and regular columns. Issues include practical information on increasing the value of your home, financing vacations, planning for retirement, paying taxes, protecting finances, investment strategies for building wealth, remodeling and refinancing homes, life insurance, and tips on getting the best life at the best price. The magazine also covers family matters regarding money, including how to teach children good money-management habits and how to blend finances after marriage. Money has the highest circulation of any financial publication in the U.S.
Mortgage Banking
Mortgage Banking - In today's competitive market, strategic information is critical to your business success. Mortgage Banking magazine gives you detailed coverage of the real estate finance industry by providing insightful analysis of news, issues and trends affecting the commercial and residential mortgage markets.

Mother Jones
Mother Jones is a non-profit magazine that does investigative reporting. To borrow a concept from Hemingway, our editors and reporters have well-tuned "B.S. detectors." They share, with a lot of other people, a fundamental crankiness about bad decisions, hypocrisy, and out-and-out crimes committed by people in power. What's fun and different is that they get to do something about it. The result is a colorful magazine packed with reporting and context that helps make sense of the news. Plus hope, compassion, and heart. For more than 30 years, Mother Jones has never been afraid to ask the tough questions, or print what we find out. Mother Jones is independent. Nonprofit. Dedicated to the highest standards of accuracy and fairness. Obligated only to our readers. Over the years Mother Jones has won virtually every award available to magazines -- including four National Magazine Awards -- while it has ticked off business and government honchos like no other. We're proud of both distinctions. Intrigued? Subscribe -- for yourself or someone you care about. (Mother Jones makes a great gift.) All Mother Jones subscriptions come with our complete guarantee: if at any time, for any reason, you wish to cancel we'll send you a refund on all unserved issues
msdn magazine for developers, incorporating Microsoft Internet Developer and Microsoft Systems Journal. The new magazine will have more articles than either of its precursors to provide its readers a broader spectrum of information that programmers need today.
The Network Journal
A black professional and small business magazine. It reaches black professionals, small business owners, and upwardly mobile individuals. Motivating articles on innovative business techniques provide the reader with essential knowledge for today's business climate.

Newsweek is among the leading weekly news magazines. The magazine covers all current events, national and international news, political and social leaders, business, movies, books and more with well-researched, incisive writing. Newsweek is a highly regarded source for timely information and perspective.

Publisher's Weekly
Publisher's Weekly is the international news magazine of book publishing and bookselling. Industry professionals depend on PW for in-depth interviews with top authors, publishing industry news, bestseller lists, and early reviews of adult and children's books.

REASON is edited for people interested in economic, social, and international issues. Viewpoint stresses individual liberty, private responsibility, and limited government. Some emphasis on Pacific Rim, local/state issues with national impact, science/technology. Regular departments include news/trends, book reviews (mostly history, politics, and economics), and cultural commentary.

Underhood Service
Underhood Service - Targeted to the experts who keep the world of automobiles on the road, Underhood Service is the invaluable resource for technicians who service and repair under-the-hood systems. Reports on the latest cost- and money-saving techniques and tricks are enhanced with quick info to keep readers on top of the continuing expansion of automotive technology.
The Weekly Standard
The Weekly Standard - A comprehensive journal of politics and opinions with diverse commentary on the cultural and social issues shaping the future of the country. Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes head this talented "think-tank" team of staff and contributing writers.
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