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American Archaeology
Welcome to American Archaeology! American Archaeology is the only popular magazine devoted to the excitement and mystery of archaeology in the United States.

Inca mummies. Civil War battlefields.Lost cities submerged. For 50 years, ARCHAEOLOGY has journeyed across the earth to bring you history's secrets and the remarkable lives of the archaeologists who lay them bare.

Archaeology Ireland
Archaeology Ireland is a quarterly magazine which has been in production since 1987. The magazine is aimed at both professional and non-professional readers. The readership is drawn from the professions, archaeologists, architects, planners, teachers, as well as large sections of the general public. Many of our subscribers are already members of local history societies.

Current World Archaeology
Current World Archaeology, the magazine that studies archaeology round the world. CWA was founded in 2003 as a sister magazine to Current Archaeology which, since 1967, has been reporting on the latest discoveries in British archaeology. But CWA does not just look at the latest discoveries: it also travels the globe, looking at great monuments around the world, explaining how they came to be the sites - and sights - we see today.

Biblical Archaeology Review helps reveal the past by showcasing archaeological findings as they relate to Biblical writings and history. Detailed pictures and maps help communicate the extraordinary details which increases the understanding of Biblical events. You'll find the latest discoveries and controversies in archaeology of both Old and New Testaments in this non-denominational publication written for both the layman and the archeologist. Available for delvery worldwide.

British Archaeology The voice of archaeology in Britain and beyond. British Archaeology is a news-magazine that sets out to be lively and well-written enough for the general reader, but also sufficiently rigorous for the academic. Articles in the much-praised bi-monthly magazine British Archaeology are regularly picked up by the national and local media, and some of its stories have gone round the world. The magazine contains many features, as well as comments, interviews, book reviews, letters, columns on science, the internet and television, event listings and news from the CBA. Included in the magazine is CBA Briefing, an information supplement which lists excavations open to participation, conferences, exhibitions and much else.

Dig into History Let your little archaeologist explore world history with the only magazine for kids focusing on the buried, the ancient, and the undiscovered! From a lost city in ancient Iran to the Mayas of Mexico, from the Underground Railroad to the original Olympic Games, DIG is ancient history for kids brought right to your mailbox. Each issue of DIG focuses on one theme, allowing kids to get in-depth information on an archaeological discovery or topic from writers who are experts in the field. If you are looking for an archaeology magazine for kids from 9 to 14, DIG INTO HISTORY is the discovery you’ve been waiting for.
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